7 tips for cheap shipping

7 tips for cheap shipping

Do not send it the next day if it is not absolutely necessary. One of the biggest ways to get cheap shipping is simply to avoid alternatives like 2 day and next day shipping as these are always the most expensive and more often than not avoidable. If you know that the package must arrive before a certain date be sure to send the package sufficient in advance so that you do not have to pay the additional tax rate. One trick is to use Priority Mail only via USPS. It is not a guaranteed two days but in most of my experiences there is a good chance that your package will last in two days sometimes three depending on how far it has to go. Send your package far enough in advance to avoid next day shipping is a very simple and easy to remember tips for cheap shipping.

Print postage online. This is something that has just happened recently with the increase of online users and access to the Internet at such a wide level. There are websites that offer special discounts if you print your labels and pay shipping online but sometimes you have to pay them a small fee to do it but for high volumes it can still be much cheaper. For the temporary package I only recommend using the post offices website because they now allow you to print your labels online and usually at any discounted price it can only be a few cents but when youre looking for cheap shipping every little piece costs.

Recycle packaging materials and be creative. This is a big one in my house and I really think it might be the most beneficial. If someone sends a package and the box is still in good shape save it. Its a small box you have to buy when you need to send something just take the label and any tape and store it until the time will you need it. This also applies to things like shipping bubbles and packing peanuts why throw them away when you can recycle them? Avoid using things like newspapers that will put unnecessary weight on you and to pay unnecessary postage. A little creativity can also help find replacement. Ive also heard of people who use bagged bags as packaging materials. Cheap shipping is something in your hands and if you want to save money you only need a little creativity.

Condensing Package. Do not send more packages than you need. There is a minimum fee that you have to pay for each package you ship so it is generally much cheaper to send a bigger box than two smaller boxes. Using the Priority Letter showed the test I made a saving of $ 6.25 by sending a 10 lb box instead of two 5 lb boxes. Now it may seem like common sense why send two when you can send one? But Ive had people ask me this question before so I thought Id put it in the list. Just remember when you send those Christmas gifts that for cheap shipping only send a large box of packing bubbles instead of multiple packages.

Compare Shipping Prices. It seems like a no brainer but I have encountered many of those looking for cheap shipping that are only shipped via a carrier. I can pretty much guarantee that a carrier is not the cheapest in all situations and if you do not ship to the same address every time I strongly recommend to compare shipping prices. This will not only guarantee you the best price but will also help you get the package there as soon as possible. Services will show you when your package is expected to arrive as well as how much each of the different services costs. This is a very easy and often the most overlooked step to cheap shipping and should never be underestimated.

Be smart about sending it. This is more a way to save money outside to actually ship the package. When sending a postage is not the only cost involved that you usually have to drive to the carriers location quit and then drive away. Well if youre smart about when and how to send something you can save money in this regard as well. Make sure you try to deliver during holidays. Try to avoid morning lunchtime and immediately after work as these times will have the longest lines. If you can not leave the work for a few minutes to send a package then arrange a download. Most services will let you leave the package at your door and just arrange them to come get it when they are nearby. This is usually a free service that they offer and save money and time for gas.

So in terms of cheap shipping there are only a few useful tips that have saved me and my friends money in the past and I hope some of them will be useful to you as well.

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